NCAA Soccer Highlights- Elon vs. East Tennessee St.

Sept 14, 2008- The Elon University Men’s Soccer team is defeated 1-0 by East Tennessee St University.  These are a few highlights from the the game.

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One Comment on “NCAA Soccer Highlights- Elon vs. East Tennessee St.”

  1. andersj Says:

    It’s great to see the effort you put into shooting and editing this game and even laying down some music and adding a little effect at the opening. I like to see how you are getting into experimenting with your presentation style. I suggest that you make the copy block you wrote to place above this video clip more professional. Look on the Elon Athletics site and see if there is some information on how many shots on goal each team had, who scored the goal for East Tennessee and what both teams’ won-lost records for the season are now. Don’t make it personal, lose the “I shot” thing. Don’t let this be a diary, let it be professional communication. It will work better as a portfolio that way. Keep working it – the hustle you’re showing is great!

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