Jim Lloyd brings Appalachia to Elon

Talented musician gives performance at Whitley auditorium, Sept 17, 2008

By Daniel Temple


Bluegrass is back again.

Jim Lloyd delights the audience with his fiddle

Jim Lloyd delights the audience with his fiddle

At least it was for one night at Elon University. Students and residents of Elon were treated to the musical stylings of Jim Lloyd on Tuesday night.

Lloyd, a barber-shop owner and West Virgina native, made it feel like the good-old-days with his soft words and simple melodies.

The audience sang and hummed along as Lloyd strummed his guitar, picked his banjo, and sang with his fiddle.

Lloyd, who began playing at the age of 5, calls his music “not really an occupation, more like a preoccupation.” In the month of August he can do as many as 5 shows a week. He’s played all kinds of concerts all over the south, “I even did a bar mitzvah once,” Lloyd says chuckling.

As the audience settled in, Lloyd told stories that ranged from a boyhood church organ to goats falling into caves. All throughout his yarns he entertained with classic folk songs and timeless gospels.

He expertly changed between his modern day guitar, banjo and fiddle, and even played an old banjo that dates back to the 1850’s.

Bluegrass today survives because of men like Jim Lloyd. Through memory and sheer passion, they keep it going at local festivals and small venues. They are not just musicians and story tellers, they are preservers of history.


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One Comment on “Jim Lloyd brings Appalachia to Elon”

  1. andersj Says:

    Hobie, you put us there with your storytelling and your video clip. Nice work! You need to go through and check your spelling of Virginia. You included some interesting specific details and presented your audience with a nice vignette from our community’s busy schedule.

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