Michelle Ferrier Visits Elon to Discuss News Media

How online news and blogs are taking over traditional print news

Michelle Ferrier, the managing editor of MyTopiaCafe.com, was in town this week to talk to Elon students and faculty about the growing trends in news media.

Dr. Ferrier using Powerpoint to convey her message

Ferrier using PowerPoint to convey her message

Ferrier, who works for an online news source in Daytona Beach, came to discuss how print journalism is on the decline, and how it’s being taken over by online sources.

As a result, readership and revenue are down and many organizations have been forced to cut back on editorial and newspaper staffs.

In a society where information can be posted by nearly anyone, and audiences have the same tools and information as major news networks, Ferrier asks,

“What then is your selling point?”

Some people might look at the growing number of blogs and citizen journalism and see it as competition. However Ferrier sees it as an opportunity.

Her official job title is digital content architect at MyTopiaCafe.com, an online community news site for Flagler and Volusia counties. But as she describes it, she acts more as “a community weaver”.

The site is perhaps a glimpse at what the future holds for the news media industry. An online community built on hybrid citizen journalism where news is user generated. As Ferrier describes it,

“We set it up to be like the show Cheers.”

Although the exact future of the news industry is still up in the air, current trends indicate a drastic change to total online content. A change that people like Michelle Ferrier, welcome with open arms.

Map of Old/New news process

Michelle Ferrier’s PowerPoint presentation

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One Comment on “Michelle Ferrier Visits Elon to Discuss News Media”

  1. Janna Says:

    It is good to see your coverage of Michelle Ferrier. It was good to link the PowerPoint (be sure to spell that correctly) and the story map graphic. I suggest that you pull still frames from those to add to this. Also break the story up into shorter paragraphs and add subheadlines.

    You should look up the listing on courtesy titles like Dr. in the AP Stylebook. AP Style is to NOT use Dr. You can refer to her as Michelle Ferrier, the managing editor of MyTopiaCafe.com for the Daytona Beach News-Journal. Remove all mentions of “Dr.”

    The reference to the counties should read Flagler and Volusia counties. And, in AP Style, periods and commas are always kept INSIDE of direct quotation marks.

    You should work to capture more specific details and deep, storytelling direct quotations in your work! Go for more depth in the reporting now that you have the video elements down. Get to work on the words, words, words!

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