Profile: SGA Executive President Chase Rumley

By Daniel Temple

Sept 25, 2008- We as Americans stand today on the forefront of a new era. With the upcoming election only a few months away, we stand in waiting for our next leader, the next President of the United States.

However at Elon University, we’re already set when it comes to presidents. Meet Gregory Rumley, or “Chase” as he’s more commonly known around campus.

Chase Rumley, SGA Executive President

Chase Rumley, SGA Executive President

Rumley is a senior at Elon and currently holds the position of Executive President of the Student Government Association.

Originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, Rumley is a member of Pi Kappa Phi and is majoring in Political Science.

When you first start asking people about Rumley, you start hearing words not normally associated with presidents; approachable, genuine, honest, trustworthy.

Ask a little more, and you find out that Rumley not only has the attributes of a great president, but a great person.

Lindsay Boroush, a senior, serves as the Executive Vice President for SGA. She works a lot with Rumley, as much as 5-10 hours per week. She says that Rumley’s greatest strengths come from his passion and genuine concern for his fellow students.

“The great thing about Chase is that he genuinely cares for the people around him,” says Boroush, “he would just love to make everybody happy.”

Boroush, who has been involved with SGA since her sophomore year, says that when ex-president Michael Bumbree graduated, filling the position wasn’t easy.

“Michael left some pretty big shoes to fill.”

“But Chase really came into his own though. He’s accomplished a whole lot.”

Lindsay Boroush isn’t the only one impressed with Rumley’s work. The Elon advisor to the Executive Council, Jana Lynn Patterson, has worked directly with the council for about 6 years. But her overall experience with SGA totals around 22 years.

Executive Council Advisor Jana Lynn Patterson

Executive Council Advisor Jana Lynn Patterson

In that time, she has seen a number of presidents, each one unique and special to her in some shape or form. So where does Rumley rank in terms of past presidents?

“He’s definitely in the top 3,” says Patterson, “Easy.”

Patterson, who meets with the council daily, says that Rumley is one of those presidents who are completely dedicated to representing the student body. That he constantly goes “above and beyond” what is asked of him, and that he’s never afraid to ask good questions.

“One thing that really makes Chase wonderful,” says Patterson, “He just loves people and he is so responsive to them.”

Working as a student is hard enough, but with the responsibilities of Executive President, things can get pretty demanding. That’s why it’s certainly impressive for Patterson to call Rumley one of the most “visible” presidents she’s ever seen.

“Really the only problem that Chase has,” Patterson continues, “Is that he sometimes just can’t say no.”

“It’s the conflict factor really,” she says, “He just can’t stand the conflict.”

When you actually meet Rumley for the first time, you’re a bit surprised. After hearing others speak about Rumley, you expect a genuine and caring individual with poise and composure. That’s why it’s a little surprising when those expectations are not only met, they’re surpassed.

What many people don’t know is that Rumley actually lost during SGA elections his freshman year. Undaunted, he ran again his sophomore year, this time emerging victorious. He would become Secretary of the Executive Council his junior year, and of course a year later would be named president.

“For the president position I actually ran uncontested, which is both a good and bad thing,” says Rumley, “It’s nice because you want to win, but you also want to give students a choice, and really earn their trust.”

Rumley says that his greatest strength is probably his “ability to communicate with students,” although he admits that he does hate conflict and often has a hard time saying no.

“I’m starting to learn that some conflict is actually necessary,” says Rumley, “Conflict challenges us and helps us grow.”

In order to even be eligible to run for president, Rumley had to obtain 400 signatures, 100 from every class at Elon. Many students would be frightened away at this point, and certainly even more would be at the thought of spending 20 hours per week with SGA related material.

“That’s actually just the minimum,” Rumley chuckles, “It can actually go higher than that.”

Rumley, who also served as student body president at North West Guilford in Greensboro, North Carolina, hopes to eventually attend graduate school in either North Carolina or Georgia.

He’s also applied for Teach for America, an organization that takes recent college graduates and places them in urban and rural public schools.

As many people will agonize over who to choose for president in the upcoming election, it seems, as it has in most years, that there really isn’t a clear-cut “best choice” candidate.

However in the years to come, if there is ever a “Gregory C. Rumley” on that ballot, then you can be sure that he already has one vote.


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One Comment on “Profile: SGA Executive President Chase Rumley”

  1. Janna Says:

    You got good information. It was really important to interview other people about Chase, to get some insights about him. You picked great people to talk with. You have a few AP Style errors, but the writing is smooth storytelling. The biggest thing missing is the tough questions about issues facing the university and SGA. This is an extremely “soft” feature; your audience completes it and finds it knows very little about him other than that he is a hard worker and a swell guy. Great profile writing supplies greater insights about the person or the issues he is tied to in his life. You should try to go back and see if you can get a photo that shows his face – the one you have here won’t work out well in your final portfolio.

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