Sarah Palin Visits Elon University

By Daniel Temple

Oct 17, 2008-

There was an air of excitement as students, faculty and citizens of Elon streamed into Latham Park to attend the campaign stop by Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin.

 Despite the heat and increased security, the general attitude was enthusiastic, as the crowd clapped and sang along with the Wells Family Band and country music star Hank Williams Jr. 

When Palin finally entered on stage, the crowd let out a thunderous cheer that could be heard from all around the campus.  Palin talked about a number of issues including health care, the falling economy, and the American need for clean coal technology. 

Palin also pitched support for her running mate, Sen. John McCain, whom she called “the right man for the job.”

“Everyone knows that John McCain is going to put the country back on track,” she said, “He is ‘The Maverick.’”

                The Palin event marks the second time in the past year that a campaign stop has reached Elon.  Last year, former President Bill Clinton came to Elon to garner support for his wife and former Presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton. 


For full coverage of the event visit the Elon University Site.

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One Comment on “Sarah Palin Visits Elon University”

  1. andersj Says:

    You did a nice job on the video. The practice you’re getting this semester is building your editing confidence. I know we talked a bit about the video out at the Palin event and I said it was OK to concentrate on video coverage this time (after all, the event was already over and that was what you said you had concentrated on), but you should write a copy block to accompany this. As I have mentioned before, it only takes a few minutes to add several background paragraphs of print information. It is important for search-engine optimization and vital to informing people. Remember that not everyone in the world has a high-speed online hook-up. You need to inform folks about the event behind the video EVERY time you post a video clip.

    Also, you should not be “double-dipping” on your site and just mostly posting sports coverage from your sports-reporting course. You need to get out and do more. Our Reporting course is primarily about doing reporting in-depth – the interviews, the research, building a portfolio that proves your skill. You need to extend yourself further. Standing on a sideline and taping an event and editing it is a good skill to have, but real reporting involves much more than that. Your portfolio should be a reflection of your ability to apply ciritical-thinking skills to illuminating topics of importance, providing useful information to others.

    Be sure to write a copy block about this event to post along with the video, and from now on treat the written reporting as primary and any video work as a secondary piece of bonus material. Also be sure to capture still frames, which are important tools for communication in the Web format.

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