Early voters come to May Memorial Library to vote for the upcoming general election



By Daniel Temple
Oct 22, 2008- Dozens of people were lined up outside of May Memorial Library in Burlington to cast their early ballots for the upcoming election.


The crowd, which was primarily composed of elderly citizens, waited anxiously to vote in what will likely be a very exciting election. Tom Briar, an mechanic in Burlington, was thrilled to be able to take part in this particular voting process.


“This is definitely one of the biggest elections that I can remember,”  Briar said. “This line may be long but it’s certainly worth it.”


May Memorial Library, 342 S. Spring St, Burlington, NC


Voters line up out the May Memorial Library



The line wrapped around the library and down S. Spring Street, leading to about a half-hour wait. However the voters stood patiently as they read magazines, checked their phones, and listened to local candidates trying to give last minute endorsements.

The one-stop early voting in Burlington, which began Thursday, Oct. 16, has already seen tremendous voter turnout.

“I’m actually fairly surprised at the number of people that have been in attendance,” said Voting Official Ruth Bergman. “It’s been like this now for about a week straight.”

Voters wait in line to cast their ballots

Voters wait in line to cast their ballots

“I understand that it’s sometimes a pain to come and wait and vote,” said Briar. “But it’s this process right here that really makes us Americans.”

Early voters are eligible to vote from now until Nov. 1. The May Memorial Library will continue to serve as a voting center with operating hours on Monday-Friday from 9:00 am- 6:00 pm.


The majority of the voters were senior citzens

The May Memorial Polls are open Mon-Fri, from 9 am-6pm

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One Comment on “Early voters come to May Memorial Library to vote for the upcoming general election”

  1. andersj Says:

    It’s great to see you get out and get this story, Hobie!
    Some tips: It’s dangerous to label everyone in a photo as a senior citizen. You should change the caption on the third photo – there’s also a typo in it anyway. You could use a fact from the story in the caption if you don’t have anything else to say, for instance, repeat the hours the polls are open.
    The story would have been better if you had gotten more people to quote in the piece. It’s a bit on the shallow side.
    Your headline needs more specific detail to be search-engine optimized.
    You have many AP Style errors throughout. Note AP Style on things like state abbreviation, the use of month with date, the name of a street without a specific street address, etc. You are also not punctuating the direct quotes appropriately. You are again using a comma where you need a period sometimes after the attribution when the next segment is a complete sentence starting with a capital letter.
    Layout-wise, you need to see if you can eliminate the nasty gap at the top.
    Once again, you show you are willing to get out and hustle a story, but you now need to start showing you have some depth, by writing more on a big topic. You’ll get that chance on upcoming assignments.

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