Please talk with your supervisor about projects for portfolio and resume reel (broadcast, broadcast news students) during interview process. Ensure that your supervisor provides internship director with a list of your assigned duties, as requested when your registration form is submitted.

Research and provide a 2 page report on the organization. Include the history. (i.e. MTV started in 1980 and was bought out by… or mPRm Public Relations is an independent mid-size public relations, marketing and promotions agency founded in 1998 by PR professionals, Rachel McCallister and Mark Pogachefsky. Since then…). Which companies provide their biggest competition? What is your company’s motto/philosophy? What are the opportunities for advancement?

Outline the organization’s current leadership. (Who is your supervisor? Who does your supervisor answer to? Who does your supervisor’s boss answer to? And so on up to the CEO and owner.)

Provide weekly summer schedule, including work weeks and any vacation during internship. Add hours to ensure you meet required minimum hours for registered credits.


Students will submit a final list of personal goals/learning objectives for internship. What do you want to accomplish? Also, please submit a list of professional goals that include proposed projects for portfolio and /or resume’ reel. These should be related to the duties you’ve been given at your internship site. For example: write 3 press releases, design and develop a brochure, or produce 3 news stories on multiple platforms. Deadline: June 5, or within 3 days of your arrival at internship.


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